Hair need special care in Winter

Hair need special care in Winter
Hair need special care in Winter

The dark winter months are often a heavy burden for the hair. In this season there is a constant change between the cold and damp winter air and the warm and dry heating air.

When it is cold outside, the scalp produces less sebum than in the warm seasons, such as spring or summer. Due to the reduced sebum production, the hair dries out much faster and therefore requires more care.

Muetzen, scarves and wool sweaters also cause friction, which additionally strain the hair.

All these components lead to lackluster hair, split ends and broken tips in the long run. In addition, the friction creates a static charge, so that the hairstyle suffers from it.

If the scalp becomes too dry, dandruff will develop in the worst case.

But you do not have to be a victim of your hair, but you can counteract the whole thing with the right care in advance, so that the hair can survive the Winter unscathed.

In Winter it is recommended to go more often to the hairdresser to have the tips cut, so that split ends and broken tips do not even arise.

For hair care at home, it is generally considered that the water should be only lukewarm when washing hair and also the temperature when Foehnen should be set to lowest heat level. This prevents additional drying of the hair.

In addition, it is recommended to always use a Heat Protection Spray / or a heat protection Gel when Foehnen.

One should rather do without Combs and busts made of plastic, because plastic can favor the static charge of the hair. It is better to fight with Buersten with natural bristles.

In the Winter, you should rather opt for a moisturizing Shampoo. For example, Shampoos with nourishing oils are very good.

There are also many care and styling products that protect the hair and promote the health of the hair.

Hairdressers and recommended hair care products and Shampoos from Dikson or Wella SP.

Depending on the time budget, you should go for a hair treatment once or twice a week. To reinforce the effect, you can wrap the hair after Applying the treatment in cling film or a warm towel.

With the styling products, it is important that they do not contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the hair.

Antistatic Sprays can be used against static charging.

So the hair remains beautiful and well-groomed even in Winter.