You should pay attention to this.

You should pay attention to this.
Those who are ill and need medication want to make sure that they get the best preparation. And that doesn’t

You should pay attention to this.
You should pay attention to this.

necessarily have to be expensive, because drugs can often be saved without sacrificing quality. Basically, you have to distinguish with drugs, whether it is a prescription active ingredient or whether the preparation is freely available for sale. The good news in advance: both variants are quite easy to save.

Compare the prices.
Look for single active ingredients.
Ask for cheaper Alternatives.
Ask for generics.
Spar with reimported medicines.
Ask for free drugs.

1. Comparison of the prices.
OTC stands for” Over the Counter “and refers to the group of over-the-counter drugs. These include many well-known painkillers such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen or cough suppressants and much more. OTC products are generally not prescriptive. Patients pay for the purchase themselves. Nevertheless, it is possible to save many euros here.

Because even with very well-known products, the prices sometimes vary greatly. It is often worth comparing the prices of pharmacies on site with those of online pharmacies.

2. Look for single active ingredients.
The pharmaceutical industry likes to advertise OTC preparations for combination products that contain several active ingredients. However, these are usually more expensive. Therefore, it may be useful, for example, to purchase Ibuprofen and Vitamin C not as a combination drug, but separately.

3. Ask for cheap Alternatives.
Similar to other products – for example, “Tempo” for paper handkerchiefs – brand names have become so common in medicines that you automatically ask for them. Nevertheless, you should always ask the pharmacy for a cheaper, drug-like Alternative. It is very easy to save a lot of money here.

4. Ask for generics.
In principle, there is an obligation to pay for prescription drugs. But that sounds worse than it is. Because the amount of co-payment is a maximum of ten Euro. At least you pay five euros per prescription. But: there are also ways to save costs with prescription drugs.

Because so-called generic preparations often exist. These are drugs that are drug-like to the original preparation, but come much cheaper. Thus, the surcharge can often be significantly reduced. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to ask specifically for cheaper products.

5. Savings with re-imported drugs.
Even patients who are regularly dependent on medicines, can be re-imported drugs. These drugs are produced, exported and then reintroduced in Germany. Often the price differences are high and amount to up to 70 percent at the top. By the way: even with differences of 15 percent or 15 euros, pharmacies are obliged to deliver Reimports.

6. Ask for copayment-exempt medicines.
There is often a discount contract between the health insurance company and pharmaceutical companies for the prescribed medicine. These contracts regulate whether a certain active substance or a drug is sold at cheaper prices. Such drugs are completely exempt from the surcharge or the surcharge is significantly reduced. This list is constantly changing, you can see it at the GKV-Spitzenverband.