Healthy Foods Near Me (And How To Find Ones Near You)

Healthy food nearby can be hard to find. Sometimes, people don’t know where to start looking. Luckily, we have a healthy food nearby map that gives plenty of options. The way I find healthy food nearby is to go into google maps and search what I am looking for. Healthy means different things to different people. If you search “healthy food nearby” the first results are generally health food stores, but there are ways to get restaurants to come up. You can add the word restaurant, but you can also search specifically “gluten free” or “salad” etc. Google maps are getting better at understanding our requests every day, and if you want healthy food delivery google will provide that as well.

healthy food nearby
healthy food nearby

Here’s an example: when I search healthy food nearby Frankenmuth in google maps. here are some things that come up.

  1. Healthy Habitz. It’s in Frankenmuth, and is a store that sells healthy food nearby. They also provide different health services, such as foot spas and a massage. Often, the healthiest thing you can do is cook for yourself. This only works if you want to make sure you are starting with whole, wholesome ingredients. This store will let you do just that.
  2. Michigan Bean. It is also in Frankenmuth, and it’s one of my favorite healthy food places near me. The reason I like them so much is not only do they provide great beans, but they also include recipes on their site and allow you to talk to a dietitian if you have any concerns.

As you may notice, these are both stores and not restaurants. If I add restaurants in I get results like this.

  1. La Crepe du Jour. It is a creperie that specializes in regular and gluten free crepes and has a lot of different filling options. Some of them are very healthy. Being crepes and not pancakes, this makes a big difference.
  2. Honey B’s Eatery. This is a breakfast place that gives plenty of fast yet healthy options, which is a big deal in our busy lives. The have all the classic breakfast food, and eggs are generally a decent option for healthy foods anyway. It’s one of the best healthy food places near me for breakfast.

So as you can see, searching healthy food nearby restaurant rather than just healthy food nearby makes it a lot easier to find what we are looking for. If I search healthy food nearby gluten free, I get those two answers with the additions of ones like Pasty Haus and Bavarian Inn. They can follow your specific diet and still give you lots of food options. Do take in consideration that following a certain diet doesn’t always mean healthy, but at the very least you can add healthy food nearby and not just gluten free.

healthy food nearby
healthy food nearby

Adding healthy food delivery greatly limits your answers in Frankenmuth, but in other areas it gives you a load of options. This is especially good if you live in areas with GrubHub or other such food services. Mess around with different search terms if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, but “healthy foods near me” is always a great option.