Best Breakfast Near Me (And You)

I spend a lot of looking for the best breakfast places near me. It can be easy to get lost in one person’s recommendation, but not get the full picture. Google maps help with that.

The initial search I started with was “breakfast near me”. Even being in a fairly rural area, there were twenty options. Some can be discounted immediately. If I’m looking for the best breakfast near me, I’m probably not interested in McDonald’s or Taco Bell. If I remove fast food, that leaves ten options. (Yes, there’s a lot of fast food breakfast places near me). I’m looking for quality though, but google maps can help with that too!

Best Breakfast Places Near Me 1
Best Breakfast Places Near Me

The next feature I generally look at is the price of each, but whether you look at the price or rating first is a personal preference. Google maps show price with the number of $ signs near what the restaurant specializes in. If I want a cheap breakfast near me I’m going to look for places with only one $. That limits it to 8 options.

The next step is the rating. This is shown in the number of stars. My general rule is 4 stars or above. That only got rid of one, in this case, there are still seven with four stars or higher. Perhaps I go up to 4.5 stars since there seems to be a lot of good restaurants in the Marlette area. That limits it to four, which is much more reasonable than twenty options.

An easy way to look at the right price point and rating is to go to the top side of google maps if you are on a computer, and under where you typed in “best breakfast near me” search by rating and price. Then you can click “more options” and add things like cuisine type (American, Chinese, etc.) and when it is open. Many small breakfast places near me aren’t open every day, so I want to be sure that the one I’m choosing is open the day I am going.

Best Breakfast Places Near Me
Best Breakfast Places Near Me

Today, I’m looking for American breakfast places near me. This brings up three options. This is where I’d open the actual reviews and read them. There are three things I look for:

  1. A decent number of reviews. It’s easy for someone who knows the owner to go on and gush “this is the best breakfast place near me” but if there are more than five or ten reviews this is unlikely.
  2. Pictures attached to reviews. Pictures can definitely tell us how we feel about the food being offered.
  3. Reviews marked “local guide”. This means someone who reviews quite regularly and is less likely to be attached to any one restaurant. I also think they generally have the power to be critical when necessary.

This is also the place to type in any special requests like “gluten-free breakfast places near me” because it will search through the reviews.

Once I find a breakfast place near me that checks all the boxes important to me, sometimes even more than one, I know they are all good options.