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You should pay attention to this.

You should pay attention to this. Those who are ill and need medication want to make sure that they get the best preparation. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, because drugs can often be saved without sacrificing quality. Basically, you have to distinguish with drugs, whether it is a prescription active ingredient or whether the preparation […]

Mobile Oxygen Concentrators

Mobile Oxygen Concentrators Various diseases can lead to chronic shortness of breath, in which the lungs no longer have the strength to transfer enough oxygen from the air through the lung bubbles into the blood. This is about as much a feeling as if you are all the time over 5000 meters above the sea. Even the smallest […]

Plastic surgery in Hamburg

Breast augmentation in Hamburg Plastic surgery in Hamburg No one can be perfect. No matter how great you find yourself or another person, after a while you always notice something that doesn’t fit into the perfect overall picture. It doesn’t matter what other people say, it always depends on being satisfied with yourself. Unfortunately, one is strongly influenced […]

Face Diagnostics – a traditional method in modern alternative medicine

Face Diagnostics – a traditional method in modern alternative medicine The face diagnosis, which was developed by Dr. Schüssler, the founder of the teaching of Schüssler salts, is a visual diagnostic procedure. This treatment method can be of great benefit to any naturopath and therapist working in alternative medicine. The theoretical basics are relatively easy to learn and […]

The delusion of cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery: thoughts on cosmetic surgery The delusion of cosmetic surgery In this day and age, we are confronted every day with new possibilities for aesthetics and beauty. The media show us again and again how to beautify your body, how to make your appearance appear more beautiful, aesthetic and well-groomed. But it usually does not stick to […]

Contact lenses for children

Contact lenses for children Basically, all known systems of contact lenses, so also Bach Optik contact lenses are suitable for children. However, ophthalmologists only adapt contact lenses to children under twelve years of age in absolute exceptional cases. Adults only trust children at this age to handle sensitive contact lenses carefully enough. Even children are vain and so […]