Healthy and positive life with Ayurveda

Healthy and positive life with Ayurveda Within Ayurvedic nutrition there are a few simple points that can be effortlessly involved in everyday life and make a great contribution to Daily well-being. This is about feeding the body with the necessary elements and substances, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Furthermore, one covers the daily energy consumption in […]

Tonsil stones

Tonsil stones Several people suffer from bad breath without knowing the exact cause. Affected people are usually extremely embarrassed to communicate with other people. Not to mention the exchange of tenderness. Chewing gums and candies to disguise bad breath are a common companion. What is the root of Evil? Often the cause is found in insufficient dental hygiene, […]

Good bed – slept well

If you sleep well, you have more energy in life and can enjoy it to the full. Those who do not sleep well know how valuable healthy sleep is. The importance of sleep is that you can recover from the efforts and exertions of the day. The body and the mind are, so to speak, in the workshop […]

More living quality for seniors

For many people the Image of a dusty and murky Habitation with sick people in the head is possibly still, if you like the word old people’s home to hear. Only the Senior Living has become an established possibility in the meantime, which has adjusted to the wishes & needs of the seniors. To good quality of life […]

Baby and dog

Baby and dog When you have a Baby as a dog owner, the question naturally arises: How do you get the dog used to the human offspring? In the beginning, a Baby usually takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, you should also take time for the dog and not neglect him. Otherwise the dog could become jealous of […]

Bathing facilities of the old Romans

In order to worship the gods, solemn ceremonies were held where the ancient peoples of antiquity purified themselves physically. This culture peoples were, for example, the Indus civilization, the Sumerians, the Assyrians, as well as the the population of ancient Egypt. Even then, the healing effects of the hot thermal baths were known. But the warming solar energy […]

Dental implant instead of a tooth gap.

One can say that in the past one hundred years dentistry has undergone a huge development process.. What is now taken for granted was a new achievement in the 19th century. Even the dental instruments are developed continuously. Especially in the 18th century, there were specialized instrument makers who produced tools that at the same time represented small […]

Means against Cellulite

Means against Cellulite Cellulite is not a clinical picture, but a completely natural condition of the skin, which is increasingly visible on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen & arms of the ladies ‘ world. Consequently, exactly where the female body accumulates fat. However, even in men, the unsightly skin dents can occur, although rather rarely. The cause of Cellulite […]

The need for care and care services

Everyone wants health. Especially in old age. But the older we get the more we notice people in the morning while standing here and there our little Zipperlein. But there are also people who have more than just the well-known Zipperlein. They are in need of care and depend on the help and support of other people. In […]